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Wireless Charging Technology Should Be Gradually Popularized At A Speed That Is Visible To The Naked Eye
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The concept of wireless charging originated very early, dating back to the late 19th century. Since the place where electricity is generated and the place where it is used are often very different from each other, and the wired transmission and distribution system has not yet been established, the early scientists hoped to be able to wirelessly transfer the electricity to the place of use, and there would be radio transmissions. demand. Many scientists did research in this field, but early attempts to apply radio energy transmission basically failed. After entering the new century, wireless charging technology has been renewed attention. The rise of modern wireless charging technology has the following prerequisites:

1. The perfection of the power grid system. In most countries in the world, the power grid as an infrastructure has been relatively well developed after tens or hundreds of years of development. People can easily get electricity from the grid. Electricity is no longer as scarce as it was a hundred years ago. Basically, people have electricity supply. In other words, the long-distance radio transmission needs across the region have disappeared within a wide range.

2. The power supply technology has been rapidly developed. The emergence of power electronics as a specialized discipline largely began in the 1960s. Accompanied by the development of aviation technology, stimulated by space competition, the demand for aerospace power supplies has increased, and thus power supply technology has also been developed and improved. After decades of development, the switching power supply theory and the manufacturing process of semiconductor devices have all achieved great development. At this stage, people can more easily implement high-frequency switching power supplies to achieve better power density and higher power supply efficiency.

3. The increase in wireless charging requirements in the region. With the development of mobile Internet technology, various types of intelligent terminal devices are becoming more and more common. In 2014, China’s smartphone shipments reached an astonishing 400 million units. While people are demanding faster Internet access speeds, faster computing speeds, and clearer display effects, the power requirements of various smart devices are constantly increasing. Limited to battery technology, the lifespan of smart devices has become the biggest problem that plagues users. In the era of functional machines, the time of common mobile phones can easily reach one week. In the era of smart machines, although the battery capacity has increased more than 3 times, the life of smart phones has dropped to about a day. Therefore, wireless charging has attracted more and more attention as a simple and feasible way to charge smart devices.