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Wireless Charging Technology Development Trend
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Wireless charging technology development trend

As the industry as a whole struggles to incorporate wireless charging into its products, we need to work harder to put the real needs of consumers and end users at the heart of every innovation. In the beginning, all work was centered on “getting rid of the charging line”, but as wireless charging evolves, the needs of end users should also be taken seriously. They need a system that is stable, versatile, secure and intelligent. A single wireless charging transmitter should simultaneously charge a wide variety of devices, such as wearable devices, mobile phones, and notebook computers, without being constrained by device size, battery size, power level, or placement. At the same time, charging speed is also a problem, wireless charging should be as fast as line charging.

The next generation of wireless charging technology provides a better user experience to meet and exceed the many consumer needs mentioned at the beginning, such as:

1. A technical specification and operational standard that can charge all mobile devices anywhere in the world, and multiple devices can be charged together.

2. Wood, metal, furniture, car... The charging plane material and charging place are not limited.

3. The lateral movement or vibration of the device will not interfere with the charging effect, and the bumps and the like can also be used normally.

4. Make sure that the charging process is safer and does not cause burns or other hazards due to heating of coins or metals.

In fact, robotics companies, wearable designers, IoT companies and other practitioners have seen the many advantages of next-generation wireless charging technology and are beginning to deploy out-of-band communication technologies in their products.

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