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Wireless Charging Is Meh, But It's Going To Get Way Better
- May 14, 2018 -

This year's advances in wireless charging will help us ditch the cable.

Advancement 1: One standard, with double the speeds

Specifically, there is a company working on a new wireless charging standard that can power up phones more than 2.5 times faster than they do now. Today, we're looking at a maximum 15-watt output to wireless charging pads. Soon, we'll be able to charge phones at a maximum of 40 watts.

This type of traditional wireless charging -- also referred to as contactless or inductive power -- is riding a big wave of momentum, thanks in large part to Apple's adoption of the Qi inductive power standard (pronounced "chee"), joining Samsung, LG and others. Up until last month, Powermat was Qi's biggest rival. But after Apple made its choice, Powermat decided that if it couldn't beat Qi, it would at least support it.


Advancement 2: Charging at a distance

Imagine that instead of sitting all the way on one side of the sofa so you can use your phone while it's tethered to a charger, you could sprawl out anywhere and still see your power reserves fill while you tap away?

Companies are starting to bring over-the-air wireless charge to a bunch of devices. That means that your phone, fitness band, laptop and tablet could get a top-up just by passively resting on the shelf -- so long as it's a paired device, within range and in need of a top-up.