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Will The Development Of The Artificial Intelligence Era Promote The Development Of The Servo Motor Industry?
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The servo motor industry initially used only small parts that were used in the aircraft model to control the wing direction. This small, modular product actually penetrated into various fields. Maybe you are familiar with the show of Sun Nan and the robot co-star of the Spring Festival Gala. Perhaps the robot you sent to see in the restaurant and the joint movements used by them are based on servos. Of course, not only can such a small steering gear be seen on robots, but also steering gears exist in some medical equipment, logistics vans, patrol robots, smart homes such as remote control curtains, and smart locks.

The current servo motor products are no longer a single model of the aircraft model, not to mention a single class, and the achievable functions far exceed the servos used in the model aircraft. Because of the need for various fields, the functions of the products are also different. For example, medical level grades need modular position control accessories, and they can select industrial-grade high-precision magnetically encoded intelligent steering gears. For example, the inspection robot needs to use a high-torque intelligent servo capable of realizing the magnetically-encoded RS485 communication level where the remote control signal is not easily lost. For example, if it is applied to a robot, the number of joints and the required torque are not the same, it can be adopted. The advantage of serial servos with different torques is that the wiring is simple. The servos are connected in series and can be controlled individually or simultaneously. With bionic eye, neck and other joints, it is possible to use an acceleration slow-curve serial bus intelligent servo with inductionless termination. This will make the product more smooth and smooth from start to end of operation. It is too hard, as if it were just like the attached soul.

Although the servo is only a small modular product, the potential function is infinite, and the application scenario is also very extensive. As long as it involves all areas of position control, this modular product can be used.