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Why Are Mobile Wireless Charging Products So Hot?
- Jun 15, 2018 -

First of all, wireless charging (inductive charging) products make reasonable use of user fragmentation time to make charging more convenient. In particular, business people who often use the telephone have wireless charging boards to be able to carry the charge with them, which avoids the trouble of frequently plugging and unplugging the data lines, and at the same time, completely avoids damage to the data lines. Using more compatible wireless charging devices, you can also effectively solve the embarrassing situation of overloaded desktop charging lines.

Secondly, some wireless charging products already support fast charging, which makes the charging process more convenient and improves the charging efficiency.

In addition, wireless charging also solves the problem that the popular 3.5mm headphone jack can't both listen to songs and charge at the same time, and so on.


It can be said that in 2018 wireless charge is bound to become a major trend in the mobile phone ring. Regardless of the strong demand for wireless devices that support wireless charging, the explosion of wireless chips, or from the user's point of view, in 2018, wireless charger has ample reason to explode.