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What Is The Difference Between A Digital Servo And An Analog Servo?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

1. The method of processing the receiver's input signal;

2. The way to control the initial current of the servo motor, to reduce the non-reaction zone (the control area that does not respond to small signals), increase the resolution and produce more fixed force.

3. When the servo is idling, no power is transmitted to the servo motor. When there is a signal input to move the servo, or when the rocker arm of the servo receives external force, the rudder reacts to transmit power (voltage) to the steering motor.

4. The "disadvantage" of analog servos is that assuming a short power pulse, followed by a long pause, does not give the motor much incentive to turn, which means that if there is a relatively small control action, the rudder The machine will send a very small initial pulse to the motor, which is very inefficient.