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Victoria's Secret 3D Underwear
- May 31, 2018 -

Duann Scott, the industrial designer of Shapeways who participated in the production, said that this is a brand-new way of making clothes that has never been done before. "The key lies in the elegant and emotional form and focus, not just rigid and rigid." Duann said, more importantly, it is more wearable.

Li Guannan, the founder of 3D printing in the early days in China, and co-founder of Hangzhou News Technology Co., Ltd., told this reporter that although this underwear is worth millions of meters, the cost of 3D printing is not expensive.

Li Guannan analyzed that the cost of 3D printing mainly includes material costs and printing costs. For the former, he speculates on the use of new top-level materials. Specifically, the main body of the underwear uses a soft material that is close to the human body, a water-lipid-like compound made of silicone, nylon, and fiber; and a new material called Visijet. , Known for its high flexibility and pressure resistance, it is especially suitable for the printing of underwear buckles.

At present, domestic 3D printing technology is mainly concentrated in home appliances and consumer electronics, construction, education, mold testing, medical and dental orthodontics, cultural creativity and cultural relics, automotive and other transportation, aerospace and other fields. According to industry estimates, the installed capacity of 3D printers at the domestic enterprise level is about 400 units, and the annual growth rate since 2010 is about 70%. The market size exceeds 100 million yuan.