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This Is The Future Of Wireless Charging
- May 30, 2018 -

"The real wireless power should be like WiFi. When you enter the house, the phone in your pocket can be automatically charged. You do not need to put the phone somewhere or adjust the direction of the device, do not even need to know where the power transmitter is "Hadim Zain, founder and chief scientist of American wireless charging technology company Ossia, once said.

However, today's wireless charging technology is still very backward: Although the realization of the "wireless", but still need to place the mobile device on the charging base, charging pad or stand to charge, if you take the phone away from these devices even a few centimeters, The charging process stops.

However, recently, a non-contact wireless charging device developed by several MIT graduates may change the current situation - this wireless charger does not even charge the base, within 30 cm free charge.

Pi, a startup focused on wireless charging technology, unveiled this wireless charging product Pi Charger for the first time at TechCrunch's entrepreneurial arena. It is shaped like a lampshade, allowing multiple devices to be charged within 1 foot (approximately 30 cm) of the charging device, regardless of position or direction. The charging product can charge four mobile phones and one iPad at the same time. At this stage, the maximum output power of this device is 20W, but in theory, it can increase power by integrating higher rated power components. As a result, you may be able to charge your laptop later.

According to Pi McConnell, co-founder of Pi, the same as the international mainstream wireless charging technology standard Qi, Pi Charger also uses electromagnetic charging technology, which is equipped with a resonant inductor. However, their secret weapon is a special bunching algorithm. These beams can safely guide the magnetic field to the location of the device and achieve short-distance charging.