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The Use Of Car Charger Misunderstanding
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Misunderstanding 1: The current output from the car charger cannot be greater than the maximum rated input power of the mobile phone

The correct charging current "can not be small

Misunderstanding 2: There is no need to use the car charger with USB interface on the car

In fact, this idea is wrong, because most of the car's USB interface is set for audio data transmission, so part of the vehicle's interface current is far less 5V / 1A

Misunderstanding 3: The more the USB interface, the slower the charging speed

The current depends on the voltage and does not depend on how much the USB interface

Misunderstanding 4: After the car is turned off, you must unplug the car chargers, otherwise it will make the battery loss

The realization of the cigarette lighter in most cars is already ACC rather than constant power, which means that the car can turn off when it is turned off. This is a safe practice.

Misunderstanding 5: Do not pay attention to the maximum power of the expansion port

Car refrigerators, car vacuum cleaners, such a large power must first see clearly, the power is how much, look at their own car charger expansion port can not be used, generally marked on the box or brochure.