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The Netherlands Uses 3D Printing Technology To Build Residential Areas
- Jun 10, 2018 -

According to foreign media reports, Eindhoven, a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, will launch the world’s first residential area built with 3D printing technology. The construction company responsible for the construction is convinced that "3D printing houses" will become mainstream in the next five years.


According to reports, the project is called "Project Milestone" and was developed by the construction company Van Wijnen in cooperation with Eindhoven University of Technology. Theo Salet, the leader of the university’s research team, was involved in building the world’s first 3D printed cement bridge last year.


According to reports, it is expected that the first house of the project will be completed next year. This is a three-bedroom bungalow. Salit describes 3D printing as a change to the construction industry. Apart from being able to create almost any shape, it allows architects to design very good cement structures.


Another benefit is sustainability. (3D printing) requires less cement, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions when producing cement,” said Salit.


The first batch of "Milestone Projects" houses only 3D printing for interior walls and exterior walls. The project team hopes that by the time it builds into the fifth house, the 3D technology has progressed so that the plumbing and other necessary facilities can be printed out.

Rudy van Gurp, manager of Van Wijnen, estimates that “3D printing houses” will become mainstream in the next five years, because 3D printing technology is not only cheaper than the traditional methods, but also solves the current shortage of bricklaying workers in the Netherlands.