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Semi-cyborg? 3D Printer Puts Electronics Directly On Skin
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Welcome to a future where a portable 3D printer can place electronics right on the back of your hand, and also print biological cells onto wounds.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota have placed electronics directly onto a person's hand using a portable 3D printer they designed and developed.The printer places tracking markers on the hand that act like a map. It takes a 3D scan of the markers and then adds layers of conductive ink made with silver flakes that cure at room temperature.

This 3D-printing technology can handle more than electronics. It can also be used with bioink for medical needs. To test this, the team successfully printed biological cells onto a mouse's skin wound.

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"The technique could lead to new medical treatments for wound healing and direct printing of grafts for skin disorders," the University of Minnesota said.

The researchers published a study on the 3D-printing tech this week in the journal Advanced Materials.