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Positional Rotation And Continuous Rotation Servo Motor
- May 25, 2018 -

Positional rotation servo motor is a most common type of servo motor. The shaft’s o/p rotates in about 180o. It includes physical stops located in the gear mechanism to stop turning outside these limits to guard the rotation sensor. These common servos involve in radio controlled water, radio controlled cars, aircraft, robots, toys and many other applications.


Continuous rotation servo motor is quite related to the common positional rotation servo motor, but it can go in any direction indefinitely. The control signal, rather than set the static position of the servo, is understood as the speed and direction of rotation. The range of potential commands sources the servo to rotate clockwise or anticlockwise as preferred, at changing speed, depending on the command signal. This type of motor is used in a radar dish if you are riding one on a robot or you can use one as a drive motor on a mobile robot.