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Medical Implications Of Wireless Charger
- May 17, 2018 -

Wireless charging is making an impact in the medical sector by means of being able to charge implants and sensors long term that are located beneath the skin. Researchers have been able to print wireless power transmitting antenna on flexible materials that could be place under the skin of patients.This could mean that under skin devices that could monitor the patient status could have a longer term life and provide long observation or monitoring periods that could lead to better diagnosis from doctors. These devises may also make charging devices like pacemakers easier on the patient rather than having an exposed portion of the device pushing through the skin to allow corded charging this technology would allow a completely implanted device making it safer for the patient. It is unclear if this wireless charger technology will be approved for use more research is needed on the safety of this devices. While these flexible polymers are safer than ridged sets of diodes they can be more susceptible to tearing during either placement or removal do to the fragile nature of the antenna that is printed on the plastic material. While these medical based application seems very specific the high speed power transfer that is achieved with these flexible antenna is being looked at for larger broader applications.