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MCU Solution And SoC Solution
- May 31, 2018 -

The MCU solution cannot meet the market demand. At present, the SoC wireless charging chip is widely viewed by the industry as the most promising solution architecture. As the trend of component price increases intensifies, SoC solutions have more advantages due to fewer components. One of the characteristics is that the cost-effectiveness of the SoC solution can reduce BOM costs.

People in the industry all know that the delivery period of MOSFETs, capacitors, chips, and other components has been continuously extended, and they are always facing shortages and price increases. As for the reasons for this, suppliers believe that the market is not in demand and there is no effective communication channel. Another reason is that the wireless charging production process is long, and this is due to the current wireless charging equipment integration is not enough, supply stability is easily affected by factors outside the industry.

The SoC integrated chip can solve these problems well. It can allow equipment manufacturers to greatly reduce the material procurement catalog and improve the stability of supply. Under the background of rising prices, integration can be achieved, which is indeed a major selling point.

The development path of mobile power, from the early MCU + power supply program structure, as the market matures slowly into SoC integration. Similarly, the wireless charging industry is bound to eliminate backward MCU solutions and embark on the same SoC development path. So, this kind of scheme of SoC can adapt to the market demand more, also be the cost-effective scheme that accessory manufacturer needs more at the same time.