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LG G7 Wireless Charging: What To Know
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The new LG G7 ThinQ is available now and has plenty of neat features. And while you’ll love the big screen, water-resistance, or powerful cameras, don’t forget about wireless charging. In fact, there are a lot of cool things the LG G7 can do.


Wireless charging is nothing new for LG, even if the iPhone competition only just got it. And while it’s a convenient feature that many love, it does come with some caveats and restrictions. Here’s everything you need to know about wireless charging with the LG G7.


Doesn’t Support Fast Wireless Charging like Samsung devices

Only works with Qi Wireless Charging Mats

Doesn’t Work Through Most Cases

First things first, there are two different types of wireless charging. If you buy the wrong charging pad or your car doesn’t support the right type, it won’t work on the LG G7. There is Qi Wireless Charging, and the PMA Wireless Charging Standard. The LG G7 uses Qi Wireless Charging. And while most devices use the Qi standard, there are still PMA accessories sold everywhere online. Make sure you get a “Qi” charger for your phone.


Additionally, the LG G7 doesn’t support the same “fast wireless charging” as most Samsung smartphones, making it a little less convenient. Still, it’s a helpful feature that many buyers will enjoy.


How it Works

Instead of plugging in your phone you can quickly and easily lay it on a wireless charging pad. Once the two surfaces touch it instantly starts charging. That’s because there are charging coils in the back of the phone under the glass, and inside charging pads or docks.


Basically, you drop the phone on the charger when you need more battery, and pick it up and walk off when you need it. Remember, wireless charging is slower than a regular wall outlet and cable charger. In fact, it’ll likely take around 2+ hours to recharge the LG G7 on a wireless charging mat. As a comparison, the fast charging USB Type-C cable and wall plug that came with your G7 will charge the phone in around 90 minutes.