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How To Choose The New Energy Bus Cooling Fan?
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Thanks to the support of national policies, the new energy automotive industry has developed rapidly, and it has also driven product and technological innovation in the field of automotive heat dissipation. As an integral part of the automotive cooling system, the performance of automotive cooling fans has also received widespread attention. In terms of how to select new energy automotive cooling fans, more and more users are no longer just valuing prices. The life of cooling fans, noise, speed, and stability have all become factors that must be considered.

The new energy bus is a sub-sector with the fastest growing and most popularized new energy vehicles. The particularity of urban public transport requires that new energy buses must have high safety, high performance stability, and simple maintenance. These requirements must ultimately be reflected in vehicle manufacturing and component selection. In terms of heat dissipation in the new energy bus power system, high-performance cooling fans are the first choice.

China Bus Network has discovered from the tenders of several major public transport companies that the suppliers of the motor cooling system have to provide brushless electronic fan cooling for their products. Some vehicle manufacturers further require imported brushless electronic products. Fan; at the same time, it needs to meet the requirements of continuously variable speed, low noise, and protection class IP67.

The function of the radiator is to dissipate heat from the power system of the new energy vehicle, and the fan plays an important role in accelerating the heat exchange efficiency of the radiator. The quality of cooling fans directly affects the heat dissipation effect of new energy vehicles. With the advancement of technology, stable performance and the standardization and scale of the production process, the cost of brushless electronic fans is gradually reduced. Brushless electronic fans will become the first choice of radiator fans for new energy vehicles. Brushless electronic DC fans will also become the mainstream of new energy vehicle cooling configuration.