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How Large Is The Cooling Effect Of Industrial Ceiling Fans With High Air Volume And Low Speed?
- Apr 27, 2018 -

The unique airfoil design of industrial ceiling fans reduces the air resistance to minimal during operation, and converts electrical energy into kinetic energy at high efficiency. Through powerful air agitation, a large amount of air is pushed vertically to the ground to form a 1-3m air layer on the ground, thereby forming an oversized coverage area not only below the fan. In an open space, an large industrial ceiling fan effectively covers an area of up to 1450㎡.

The circulator flow field formed by an large industrial ceiling fan resembles the natural breeze system. The human body will experience three-dimensional wind from all directions, increase the evaporation area of sweat, and increase comfort. At the same time avoid the use of traditional high-speed fans all year round in the directional wind caused by the body's various health problems. The large industrial ceiling fan can adjust the air volume according to the actual needs of different occasions. The wind speed range can be arbitrarily adjusted between 1M and 5M/s.

Omnidirectional, multi-angle air circulation, air flow from top to bottom into a cone-shaped push toward the ground, to the ground along the horizontal flow, face the side of the barrier or the horizontal airflow adjacent to the fan and then pushed up to the roof, so that all-round, multi-angle Strengthen air circulation.