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Future Technology Of Wireless Charging
- May 02, 2018 -

Wireless charger has a wide range of use in the mobile phone charging range

Work and experimentation is currently underway in designing this technology to be applied to electric vehicles. This will be implemented by using a predefined path or conductors that would transfer power across an air gap and charge the vehicle on a predefined path such as a wireless charging lane. Vehicles are already on the road that could take advantage of this type of wireless charging lane to extend the range of their on board batteries. Some of the issues that are currently preventing these lanes from becoming widespread is the initial cost associated with installing this infrastructure that would only benefit a small percentage of vehicles currently on the road. Another complication is tracking how much power each vehicle was consuming /pulling from the lane. Without a commercially way to monetize this technology many cities have already turned down plans to include this lanes in their public works spending packages. However this doesn’t mean that cars are unable to utilize large scale wireless charging. The first commercial steps are already being taken with wireless mats that allow electric vehicles to be charged without a corded connection while parked on a charging mat. These large scale projects have come with some issues which include the production of large amounts of heat between the two charging surfaces and may cause a safety issue. Currently companies are designing new heat dispersion methods to combat this excess heat this includes most major electric vehicle manufactures such as TeslaToyota, and BMW.