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Cooling Fans, Leading The Market With Performance
- Apr 27, 2018 -

For those who are familiar with the car, the cooling fan is not a strange device, compared to the fuel consumption display, temperature and humidity control, GPS navigation, air purifiers, LED lights and CD/DVD players, etc. In automotive electronics, automotive cooling fans are particularly important, because poor thermal design can seriously jeopardize the reliability and durability of these electronic products. Under high-temperature weather, it may also cause the car to malfunction and affect its service life. .

Specifically, a large amount of heat will be generated during the running of a car. If the car is not cooled down by a car cooling fan in time, the engine is likely to fail due to high temperatures, or even cause the engine to be scrapped. Of course, the cooling fan blades do not always work. Only when the temperature of a car engine rises to a certain value, the temperature sensor sends an alarm and the fan will start to blow out heat.