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Cooling Fan Installation Skills
- Apr 03, 2018 -

1. When setting the suction side of the cooling fan, keep it as far away from the cooling body as possible.

2. The mounting holes of the cooling fan should be larger than the diameter of the fan, and the installation aperture of the fan > the diameter of the fan.

3. When installing the fan, there should be no gap between the cooling fan and the panel.

4. The drastic changes in wind direction and cross-sectional area of the flow will impair the cooling effect, so please avoid this situation.

5. Use one-sided flange surface for mounting.

6. Use through bolts for mounting. When mounting the flanges on both sides, fix the housing so that it does not change. The tightening torque should be about 0.44 N·m.

7. Box fan installation About aligning the box fan with the screw hole, insert it into the panel cutout, and fix it with the supplied mounting screws and nuts.