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Chinese Consumers Use Mobile Devices Will Surpass TV Firstly This Year
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the late April 19th news, research company eMarketer today issued a report that this year Chinese adults will use mobile devices for the first time to watch TV time.

The report expects Chinese adults to spend 2 hours and 39 minutes on mobile devices every day this year, up 11.1% from last year, accounting for 41.6% of their daily media consumption. By contrast, the time they watch TV every day is estimated to be 2 hours and 32 minutes, down 2% from last year, accounting for 39.8% of their daily media consumption.

Among them, watching online video is the main reason for Chinese consumers to spend more time in mobile devices. EMarketer expects Chinese adult consumers to watch online video at a time of 58 minutes this year, up nearly 26% year on year, accounting for more than 25% of their digital content consumption. By 2020, the proportion will increase to about 33%.

The popularity of online video is largely due to market innovation, especially from Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent's video platforms. In addition, the short video has also played a great role in promoting.

EMarketer analyst Selling Shum Shum said: "the time for Chinese consumers to watch TV will accelerate and decline, especially in the first tier cities." (Shelleen) At the same time, they are increasingly watching online videos through video platforms, because they are rich in content and can also be online on demand. With the popularity of smart phones and the improvement of network speed, people can watch and publish videos while doing other daily activities.

Shum added: "short video has experienced explosive growth in the past year in addition to the long video of TV plays. In the past year, a lot of investments have been made in short video applications such as watermelon video and fast hands. In addition, e-commerce and news aggregation applications are also using short videos to enhance user interaction. (Li Ming)