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Car Charger, Ninety Percent Of People Use The Wrong Method
- Jun 08, 2018 -

With the development of technology markets, the number of smartphones per person is basically the same, especially with the development of in-vehicle interconnection technologies in recent years, the connection between mobile phones and cars has become more and more close, which directly leads to faster mobile phone battery consumption, so car charging the device came into being, and quickly spread to most owners. However, the product quality is uneven, and most owners use the vehicle improperly to cause damage.


Use caution

1 Do not insert the car charger before starting the car, so as to avoid damage to the car charger due to the voltage at the start of the car.

When the owner of the vehicle is in use, do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, strong detergents to clean the charger. Because this will seriously damage the function of the car charger.

3 In particular, be careful not to throw, drop, hit or vibrate the charger on the vehicle during use, and do not use the charger when the vehicle stays stagnant in the summer and the temperature in the vehicle exceeds 45°C. This will seriously damage the vehicle. The charger's internal circuit board.

4 Car charger as one of the electronic products, the owner should pay attention not to accidentally enter the water or be exposed to damp air for a long time when not in use. This will cause various degrees of corrosion or oxidation of the internal electronic components. .

5 The vehicle charger should be removed after the vehicle is turned off. Although 80% of vehicles are powered by cigarette lighters after the vehicle has pulled out the key, some car cigarette lighters continue to supply power.