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About The Wireless Charger To Make Macbook To Be Initiator
- Aug 01, 2018 -

With more and more electronic products, we have a variety of wire and cable on our desktop, it is very troublesome to find different cables to match with the equipment, so for the whole hardware industry, the future must be wireless, such as the wireless mouse, the wireless keyboard and so on. The wireless charging of the stream has attracted much attention, and there have been many manufacturers having their own technical ideas about wireless charging, and industry leaders like apples will stand in front of the trend.

Regarding to wireless charging pad, Apple has recently submitted a related technology patent called "inductive charging between electronic devices" is a method of wireless charging for equipment, but there is only one solution to the current mainstream solution, which is to recharge the equipment through a wireless charging base. And Apple's patent wants to rely on Macbook.


There are 3 corns in the Mackbook, which is located in touchpad and both sides of the the touchpad, so you can charge your iPhone and Apple watch synchronous. Although you may feel disturbed when using a notebook computer. But people with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse may find it very useful.