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5 Things To Consider When Looking For The Best USB Car Charger
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Tired of your phone running out of juice during a long trip or heavy traffic? End low-battery issues by getting one of the best USB car chargers available today. When choosing the right charger to fill the need for constant on-the-go charging, consider the following:


Charging Speed

If you have an older vehicle, it’d be worth plugging a dedicated USB charger into the “cigarette lighter” or 12-volt accessory outlet. Owners of newer cars will also benefit from USB charging ports embedded with Qualcomm fast charging technology. Built-in USB ports tend to produce a fairly low amperage of 1A, which won’t be enough to charge up a tablet nor your smartphone at its optimal rate. Using the Best Q.C.3.0 Car Charger will deliver you with up to 4x the standard charging speed.


Number of Ports

How many devices do you use on a daily basis? Counting your smartphone, car GPS unit, plus a tablet, laptop, or DSLR if you have one, a charger with at least 2 ports will be the most practical choice. How often do you go on car journeys with backseat passengers? The Best multi-port USB car charger for family will save everyone valuable time and the frustration of waiting for their turn. Power-hungry devices can be charged simultaneously without sacrificing speed.


Port Compatibility

Typically, the USB Type-A port is built into a car charger for use with USB-to-Micro USB or USB-to-lightning cables. The latest USB car chargers feature a powerful USB-C port at the bottom for charging iPhones, iPads, flagship Android phones and laptops such as the MacBook.


Amp Output

A good USB car charger provides a minimum of 2.1 Amps per port. Anything lower than that will only do well charging two smartphones, since iPhones generally require 1 amp, Android phones 1.6amps, and tablets 2.4 amps. High-performing dual USB chargers have a 4.8A specification, meaning each port provides 2.4 Amps and can sufficiently charge two tablets at the same time. The best multi-port models would have approximately a 13A total amperage.


USB Charger Quality

Invest in quality for safety’s sake. Choose from any of the recommended chargers featured in the Top 10 Best USB car charger Reviews backed by manufacturer warranty. High-grade components will safeguard plugged devices against overheating, overcharging, and short circuit. They won’t degrade the lifespan of your electronics and won’t be a fire hazard.