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Wireless Charging Transmitter - Fixed Frequency Regulator Architecture
- May 03, 2018 -

Fixed-frequency voltage regulator is a standard program designated by Apple's official. Apple's proposed 7.5W fast charging at the MFi conference uses the fixed-frequency voltage regulator architecture. With the MP-A11 topology, the operating frequency is fixed at about 127KHz, the duty cycle is constant at 50%, and the transmission power is controlled by adjusting the voltage. Can effectively avoid the frequency band that interferes with the mobile phone, so that the wireless charging can minimize the interference to the mobile phone. A Q-value detection circuit will be more sensitive in terms of FOD detection and meet the requirements of the EPP. The program can be certified by BPP+FOD Extensions and EPP. After the implementation of WPC Qi v1.2.4, the unified ownership is EPP authentication.