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wireless charger iPhone X Samsung S6 iPad mobile phone
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Almost all of the people have some low energy anxiety disorders when mobile phone battery is becoming red, we will feel uncomfortable. Mobile phone has no electricity, we have to find QI wireless charger or charging cable firstly. And after finding the charging pad, the cell phone instantly becoming a cell phone. The mobile device is greatly limited. But this situation will soon become different.

A major change in the mobile Internet industry will become different soon. Now every family has WIFI router, even in the restaurant, the coffee shop marker. The computer network interface has also been phased out, this is the first step in the wireless digital life.

The second step is wireless charging. Even the conservative apple, this year's three new iPhone all support wireless charging, and other Android phones support high power wireless fast charging. A friend who uses wireless charging knows that there is a lazy call, "no need to insert data lines". Yes, laziness is always driving people to make progress.

In fact, there are more wireless technologies that are constantly changing our lives. In 2018, it is undoubtedly a year of their development.