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What is the role of magnetic separator in the Qi standard wireless charger?
- Aug 16, 2018 -


Wireless charger, as a safe, fashionable and convenient new charging method, is becoming more and more popular among consumers. It has developed rapidly in the field of mobile phones, computers and other consumer electronic products.

Wireless charger is transformed from 220V power supply to sympathetic electromagnetic field, from sympathetic electromagnetic field to current charging; when the sympathetic electromagnetic field encounters metal, it will produce electronic eddy current, which will produce skin effect on metal, produce thermal energy on metal, reduce charging efficiency and waste electric energy, so there is low charging efficiency and charge efficiency. It has many defects such as high calorific value and so on.

In order to improve the charging efficiency and ensure the use of security, the current mainstream solution is the wireless charger at the transmitter and receiver coil back mounted magnetic isolator absorbing material, wireless charger refers to the use of electromagnetic wave induction principle for charging equipment, in the transmitter and receiver each has a coil, the transmitter coil connected with a coil. Line power produces electromagnetic signals, and the coil at the receiving end induces the electromagnetic signals at the transmitting end to generate current to charge the battery. The magnetic field strength of the coil can be enhanced and the magnetic convergence can be improved by attaching a magnetic isolator to the antenna at the transmitting end. It plays the role of metal isolation, prevents energy waste and improves charging efficiency.