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What are the Characteristics of Industrial Cooling Fans?
- Jun 12, 2018 -

According to statistics of experimental data, the coverage of an ordinary industrial cooling fan is equivalent to the coverage area of dozens of small cooling fans. Industrial cooling fans have a higher degree of power consumption than small cooling fans, but if used for a long period of time, the energy efficiency of large industrial cooling fans is still relatively high.

Large coverage area

In a larger plant, if a small cooling fan is used, installing a cooling fan based on the coverage area standard requires installing many small cooling fans, but the industrial cooling fan is different. The experimental data shows that in an area of 10,000 square meters, only six industrial cooling fans need to be installed. This is all covered by the large area of industrial cooling fans.

long lasting

The life of most industrial cooling fans can be between 5-10 years, and the lifetime of industrial cooling fans with better quality can be more than 10 years. This long service life has helped people save installation costs to a large extent. For those large space areas such as gymnasiums, industrial plants, and waiting rooms, installing industrial cooling fans is a good choice.

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