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Waterproof, Moisture-proof Cooling Fan
- May 15, 2018 -

The waterproof fan and moisture-proof fan have always been a technical problem faced by many manufacturers of axial brushless fans. With the wide application of PVD technology in the semiconductor industry, the technology was finally cited to the waterproof fan industry. This technology uses PVD meteorological deposition technology to vaporize the water-repellent substance at high temperatures and then slowly deposit it on the surface of the motor at a low temperature, which will eventually form a very strong protective layer on the surface of the motor. The protection layer will not decompose when exposed to water. Strong, basically not afraid of external forces. However, because the motor and the outside world are powered by wires, the protective layer has a strong hardness. In the assembly process, the motor and the wire connecting portion are often required to be bent, which easily causes cracks, and is irretrievable. The failure rate is 50%. Therefore, in the experiment of driving the fan in waterproof water, water first enters the PCB board from the wire bonding point, and then causes the short circuit between the electronic component pins to burn out. The technology is widely used in high humidity, no fluid water links, protection class can reach IP55.

Resin sealing technology evolved from the first two moisture-proof technologies. This technology specializes in making a separate mold for the motor. In the case of waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, the motor is placed in a mold, and then a low-concentration epoxy resin is poured into the vacuum. The epoxy resin enters the motor in every corner of the motor in a vacuum. After being completely filled, it is dried to form a three-dimensional plastic overall. There is absolutely no way to see the motor structure outside. The motor is completely sealed. The motor can work under the tide and the water for a long time. The dried epoxy resin no longer reacts chemically with water. Moisture-proof grade to IP68. And the cost is not more expensive than PVD coating technology.