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The USB Type-C Connector Specification
- Jun 13, 2018 -

The USB Type-C connector specification introduced some significant changes to the familiar Type-A and Type-B versions. To the casual observer, two features stand out:

The Type-C measures 8.3mm x 2.5mm, much smaller than the USB Type-A and -B connectors, but contains 24 pins compared to only four in the earlier versions.

The Type-C connector is reversible and operates equally in any orientation. To accomplish this, the connector pinout is symmetrical; regardless of which row is on top, all the signals are in the same relative positions.

The USB Type-C specification can commualt mode with legacy USB 2.0 systems via the D+/D- and VBUS/GND pins. The pinout also includes pins for the new functions (including Alternate Mode) that are defined in the other two specifications.