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The Sources of Cooling AC Fan Noise
- May 18, 2018 -

1). Vibration

If the heat exchange AC fan rotor rotates, the physical center of mass of the rotor and the center of inertia of the shaft are not on the same axis, it will cause imbalance of the rotor. The closest distance between the physical center of mass of the rotor and the center of inertia of the shaft is called eccentricity, and the rotor is not unbalanced. From the distance, when the rotor rotates, a force acts on the shaft support to generate vibration due to the centrifugal force, and the vibration is transmitted to the various parts of the machine via the base path.

2). AC fan wind noise

When the cooling fan is working, the blades are periodically subjected to the pulsating force of the uneven flow of the outlet to generate noise; on the other hand, due to the uneven distribution of the pressure on the blades themselves and the blades, the disturbance of the surrounding gas and components during rotation also constitutes a noise. Rotating noise; In addition, the turbulence caused by the turbulence of the pressure distribution on the blade caused by turbulent flow, vortex, and vortex escaping from the gas flowing through the blade causes vortex noise. The noise caused by these three causes can be comprehensively referred to as “cutting noise. "The fan with a large amount of air pressure is generally a good source of wind noise.

3). AC fan noise

The wind noise sounds only pure wind, and the noise is different. When the cooling fan is running, in addition to the wind noise, if there are other sounds emitted, it can be judged that the cooling fans have abnormal sound. The noise may be due to foreign matter in the bearing or Deformation, as well as improper assembly and collision, or uneven winding of the motor winding, resulting in loose, may produce abnormal sound.