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The Difference between Industrial Fans and Ordinary Fans
- May 30, 2018 -

The working principle:

1. The industrial electric fan is a streamlined fan blade manufactured using aerodynamics and advanced technology. It can drive a large amount of air with a power of only 1.5 kW or less, producing an oversized natural breeze system, which can provide ventilation and cooling. Dual function. In practical applications, the ventilation and cooling experience of the human body can reach 5-8°C. The maximum operating power of each fan is only 1.5KW, and it only costs 12 yuan for 8 hours of operation per day (calculated as 1 yuan/kWh for industrial power).

2. The main component of a common electric fan is an AC motor. Its working principle is: The energizing coil rotates under the force in the magnetic field. The form of energy conversion is that: electrical energy is mainly converted into mechanical energy. At the same time, because the coil has resistance, it is inevitable that some of the electrical energy must be converted into thermal energy.