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The advantages of 3D architectural printing technology
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Compared with the traditional construction process, the advantages of 3D construction printing technology mainly include:

1. The construction speed is at least 10 times faster, and the construction type, complexity and other factors will not increase the construction cost;

2. Because the entire process is controlled by computer programs, construction directly based on CAD design will only produce 5~10mm errors. The accuracy and design freedom allowed by this technology have not been heard in the past. The problems between architects and workers will no longer hinder construction. Design ideas to be expressed by the division;

3. No template required, strong customization, good plasticity, can print out any detailed features and complex surfaces, pipes, etc.;

4. Can make consumers tailor products according to their own needs;

5. No manual intervention means a substantial reduction in the risk of casualties in the construction industry, significant savings in labor and labor, and reduced safety measures for construction; 6. Local materials can be obtained, which greatly saves construction transportation costs;

7. As the overall structure is formed, the seismic performance of the building is greatly enhanced;

8. Can adapt to harsh environments, such as construction in the extremely harsh environment of artificial conditions such as the plateau, snow-capped mountains, deserts, seas, and even alien planets;

9. It can be used in the protection of ancient cultural relics to accurately restore the damaged and missing parts of ancient buildings;

10. Can reduce building dust pollution, reduce haze, protect the environment and achieve green environmental protection.