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Stereo Lithography
- May 21, 2018 -

Stereo lithography (SL) is the world's first 3D printing technology and it is still ideal for highly detailed prototypes that require small tolerances and smooth surfaces. This technique uses a UV laser to cure and solidify a fine layer of photosensitive resin in an open curing cylinder.

Photo curing is ideal for prototyping parts that will eventually be painted or coated because the mold can be completed using the same materials and processes as the final product. Transparent, heat-resistant, and moisture-resistant materials are also attractive for medical, automotive, and other prototypes that require flow visualization, light transmittance, or thermal stability.

If rapid production time is of the essence, product designers can choose light curing models and they can devote time and resources to additional grinding processes. In addition, photo-curing can also produce master molds for polyurethane casting, as well as investment casting molds for metal parts used in aerospace, automotive, power generation and medical applications.