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Steering engine control dead zone, hysteresis, positioning accuracy, input signal resolution, back to the performance of the understanding
- Jun 01, 2018 -

For each closed-loop control system, the input signal and feedback signal cannot be completely equal due to signal oscillation and other factors. This involves the control of dead zone and hysteresis. The system cannot distinguish between the input signal and the feedback signal. range. Because of signal oscillation and mechanical precision, the servo control system always adjusts the control system to a small area outside the control dead zone. In order to make the servo not adjust to the oscillation in a small range, it needs to introduce hysteresis. Effect. Hysteresis control ratio is larger than the dead zone, general control dead zone range is ± 0.4%, hysteresis can be set to ± 2%, the difference between the input signal and feedback signal in the hysteresis motor does not act, the difference between the input signal and feedback signal Into the hysteresis, the motor starts to brake - stop. The positioning accuracy depends on the overall accuracy of the servo system: such as control of dead zone, mechanical accuracy, feedback potentiometer accuracy, input signal resolution. The resolution of the input signal refers to the minimum resolution range of the servo system to the input signal. The digital servo input signal resolution is much better than the analog servo. The return performance depends on the hysteresis and positioning accuracy.

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