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Spaced Wireless Charging
- May 03, 2018 -

Today, more and more mobile phone manufacturers begin to use wireless charging as the standard for mobile phones. The giants such as Apple and Samsung have also made great efforts to promote the rapid development of wireless charging technology. For the R&D of wireless charging technology, many companies have also been trying hard to turn the dream of wireless charging into a reality. Samsung is one of them. The recent Samsung patent issued in the WIPO database confirmed it. Develop interest in true wireless charging technology.


This patent was originally filed in Korea in 2016. According to published patent details, the patent describes a method of concentrating energy on a specific device in a room. The envisaged system can not only concentrate the power on a specific device, but also use a reflector to avoid obstacles and charge devices in the room. As long as the mobile phone supports the charging standard, the mobile phone can be charged by entering the coverage area, which also means that the user can walk around with your phone or tablet while wirelessly charging. BeforeApple also prepared a similar wireless charging program.




Of course, there is no guarantee that this patent can quickly enter the market and become a true consumer product. But there is no doubt that this is the next logical evolution of wireless charging technology. Real wireless charging will eventually come true, only a matter of time.

Recently, WPC official website certified product page updated a new transmitter - mophie, according to WPC's official website shows that this transmitter is fixed-frequency pressure regulator architecture, support Apple 7.5W fast charge.