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Qi Agreement
- May 03, 2018 -

In 2014, the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance released the 1.2 version of the Qi wireless charging standard. Subsequent iterations will be updated in the next few years. Recently, WPC has released the latest Qi standard on its official website. The version number is v1.2.4. This agreement will be enforced on March 8th, 2018. This means that wireless charging products that have been certified after March 8, 2018 will Qi v1.2.3 is no longer applicable, but it is over-qualified according to the Qi v1.2.4 standard.


Major Changes in the Qi Agreement

Qi v 1.2.3

Qi v 1.2.4

TX type


MP-A11(Officially released)

Certification level

BPP+FOD Extensions


( Note: BPP: Basic Power Profile, EPP: Extended Power Profile )


Regarding Apple's 7.5W transmitter authentication, relative to Qi v1.2.3Qi v1.2.4 has the following updates :The TX type MP-A11 is formally incorporated into the Qi standard at Qi v1.2.4.In Qi v1.2.3, this type of transmitter passes the BPP+FOD Extensions authentication. Under the newly released Qi v1.2.4, the transmitter authentication level has been simplified and will be certified by the EPP (MP-A11). .In summary, after the new agreement is enforced, the type of Qi authentication that Apple's 7.5W transmitter needs to pass is EPP (MP-A11).