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HDMI Technical Advantages
- Jun 10, 2018 -

HDMI can not only meet the 1080P resolution, but also support digital audio formats such as DVD Audio, support for eight-channel 96kHz or stereo 192kHz digital audio transmission, can transmit uncompressed audio signals and video signals. HDMI can be used for set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, video games, integrated amplifiers, digital audio and televisions. HDMI can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals.

HDMI supports EDID, DDC2B, so HDMI-equipped devices have "plug-and-play" features, and signal sources and display devices will automatically "negotiate" to automatically select the most appropriate video/audio format.


Compared with DVI, the HDMI interface is smaller and the HDMI/DVI cable length is less than 8 meters. As long as one HDMI cable, you can replace up to 13 analog transmission lines, can effectively solve the problem behind the connection of the home entertainment system messy.