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HDMI cable usage
- Jun 04, 2018 -

During the use of the HDMI cable, excessive bending of the wire should be avoided. For example, the wire core or the shielding layer, which is often damaged by folding or winding, may damage the wiring. Curved generally along the arc,  will not damage the cable.

Pay attention to the brightness of the gold-plated interface, the better quality HDMI cables on the market is now 24K gold plated, which can effectively solve the problem of poor contact after plug in multiple times, so as to avoid signal loss and affect the picture effect.

Before wiring, be sure to use the equipment to test the quality of the wire before it can be formally laid. When putting the wire, wear dustproof caps on both ends to wrap the waterproof glue. Put the wire as far as possible. Do not pull the tube. Do not twist it and tie it. In order to avoid damage, resulting in HDMI internal capacitance and characteristic impedance structure, resulting in signal attenuation distortion.

The HDMI header is relatively fragile. It is recommended that it is necessary to embed two or more wires as a backup when embedding. It must be isolated from the strong wires.