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Full disk encryption
- Jan 17, 2019 -

Full disk encryption, usually to protect data stored on your computer or mobile phone, not including outgoing messages or timely messages. Once encrypted, the data on the hard drive cannot be obtained without authorization, even for producers of mobile phones or computers.

In other words, if you drop your computer or mobile phone in the Uber driver's car, or if the government agent wants to get the information in some way, without your help, even if you install the hard disk on other devices, Can't get the data inside.

Full disk encryption is used in most commercial operating systems. Users only need to choose to open this function and set a strong password or phrase. To access a phone or computer that has full-disk encryption, when you turn on the device, you will receive a prompt to enter the password when you start it. After entering the correct password, the encryption program in the system will be unlocked, and the system will be unlocked to obtain data access rights.

Some full-disk encryption programs may require two-factor authentication. When accessing device data, you not only need to enter a password, but also need to insert a smart card reader or enter a random password generated by a security token.

The full-disk encryption program differs from the file encryption program in that the latter encrypts only a specific file, and full-disk encryption protects all data in the system, including the operating system. However, the full-disk encryption program only turns on protection when the device is turned off.

When an authorized user logs in to the computer, the encryption process is unlocked and all data in the device is leaked to all users who use the device unless the user encrypts the individual folders. At the same time, it can't prevent hackers from attacking through the network, only against some "physical means."

But not all full-disk encryption tools ensure 100% data security. The security of the full-disk encryption tool depends on whether the program designed by the developer is reliable. Some devices that use weak encryption systems or devices with large security holes will also give people the illusion of "pseudo-security". Easy to be cracked. Security experts say that the recent vulnerability of Android systems is caused by such reasons. It is understood that this vulnerability is caused by defects in the operating system kernel.

However, in addition to occasional vulnerabilities, the full-disk encryption program is still one of the most important encryption tools for hard drive data protection.


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