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Fast charge / continuous charge / trickle charge
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The whole process of nickel-metal hydride battery charging includes three stages: fast charging, continuous charging and trickle charging. After the first two phases, although the system power shows 100%, the battery is not actually saturated. At this point, the remaining capacity can only be supplemented by a small pulse current. This stage usually takes 30-40 minutes. All three phases are completed and the battery can truly reach a good state of charge saturation.

Fast charging: The battery can be quickly charged to 80%, but still need continuous charging and trickle charging to fully fill.

Continuous charging: The charging current is gradually reduced to ensure that the battery enters a critical state. To obtain the best endurance, trickle charging is also required.

Trickle charging: Tiny pulse current charging ensures that the battery is truly saturated and extends battery life.