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Fan Selection
- May 15, 2018 -

The scientific nature of the fan selection will affect the quality of the product, and must fully consider the reliability, economics, and feasibility of the product. And this is why you need to understand the various characteristics of the fan.

The following are the selection steps: voltage affects the price and design, air volume affects the cooling effect, noise, price (need to consider static pressure, margin, ambient temperature rise, control temperature, etc.) size affects price, noise (need to consider the installation method, to size Etc.) Lifetime impacts on price, reliability (needs for design life, use environment, etc.) Bearings affect price, reliability, and should fully consider the actual use environment (need to consider high temperature, high humidity, vibration, dust, dust emission, noise, etc.) When designing a model, considering multiple proposals will simplify the design, and it will not design a device that cannot be found or in short supply like many engineers, thereby shortening the development cycle, saving costs, and improving reliability.

Case 1: Fans working in clean rooms must take into account the amount of dust they emit. The dust generated by the fan itself is mainly generated by the volatilization of the lubricating oil in the bearings. In this case, ball bearings with low oil content should be used as far as possible. At the same time, they should be satisfied. In the case of air flow, reduce the speed as much as possible.

Case 2: Fans working in communication cabinets must consider the power supply voltage and the dust, temperature rise, and service life of the environment. In this case, ball bearings should be used as far as possible.

Case 3: The power supply fan working on the locomotive must consider the temperature rise, life, and vibration of the environment. The ball bearing should be selected to meet the conditions of vibration, but in the case of vibration, the oil bearing should be selected to meet the reliability requirements.

Case 4. Fans working in the care unit must consider noise. At this time, consider choosing large-size, low-noise, oil-bearing bearings.