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Digital servo
- May 31, 2018 -

Why is the range of non-reactive zones of digital servos smaller than that of analog servos?

Simulating the steering gear takes about 20ms to make a new adjustment. The digital servo drives the motor with a higher frequency PWM. The acceleration of the PWM frequency makes the motor start/stop, acceleration/deceleration more gentle, smoother, and more effective to provide the motor with the torque required for starting. Just as the car gets a smaller throttle control range, it starts/stops and the acceleration/deceleration performance is better. Therefore, the non-reaction area of the digital servo is smaller than that of the analog servo.

Does the analog steering gear install a digital steering engine driver board to increase the reaction speed?

According to the above analysis, the analog steering gear with digital servo drive board must increase the reaction speed. The frequency of the PMW external control signal (such as the tail servo signal from the gyroscope) must be increased. If it is still 50Hz, then the steering response Of course, speed has not improved.