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DC and AC Servo Motor
- May 24, 2018 -

DC Servo Motor

The motor which is used as a DC servo motor generally have a separate DC source in the field of winding & armature winding. The control can be archived either by controlling the armature current or field current. Field control includes some particular advantages over armature control. In the same way armature control includes some advantages over field control. Based on the applications the control should be applied to the DC servo motor. DC servo motor provides very accurate and also fast respond to start or stop command signals due to the low armature inductive reactance. DC servo motors are used in similar equipments and computerized numerically controlled machines.


AC Servo Motor

AC servo motor is an AC motor that includes encoder is used with controllers for giving closed loop control and feedback. This motor can be placed to high accuracy and also controlled precisely as compulsory for the applications. Frequently these motors have higher designs of tolerance or better bearings and some simple designs also use higher voltages in order to accomplish greater torque. Applications of an AC motormainly involve in automation, robotics, CNC machinery, and other applications a high level of precision and needful versatility.