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Data line manufacturer classification
- Apr 03, 2018 -

1. Original factory: Direct production by mobile phone manufacturers, or the provision of materials to commission a manufacturer's foundry, branded with mobile phones above, the best quality, the most expensive price.

2. Domestic brands: The data line has its own brand. In addition, the manufacturer's address and telephone number are printed on the packaging. It is more formal, of good quality and low in price. There are not many such data lines, and domestic data lines are generally unlicensed.

3, no license: no identification of manufacturers and brands. This type of data line is divided into 2 categories, the first is the professional export data line, foreigners do not need to paste Chinese brand, this line quality is very pass, the price is still lower than the domestic brand line, the highest cost performance; the second is the miscellaneous brand line The price is very low and the quality is very poor. We must take care when buying. Please choose a more reputable seller to purchase.

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