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Classification of Fans
- May 10, 2018 -

1.Classified according to the working principle of the fan

According to the principle of fan operation, there are two types of blade type fan and capacitive fan. The vane type transfers energy to the gas through rotation of the impeller; the volumetric method transfers energy to the gas through periodic changes in the working chamber volume. Both types of fans have different forms.


Blade type fan

Centrifugal fan

Axial flow fan

Mixed flow fan

capacitive fan

Reciprocating fan

Rotary fan


2. According to the fan working pressure (full pressure) size classification

(1) Fan

Inorganic shell, also known as free fan, is commonly used for ventilation of buildings

(2) Ventilators

The most widely used fan. Most air pollution control, ventilation, air conditioning and other projects use such fans.

(3) Blower

The higher pressure is the commonly used equipment in the sewage treatment aeration process.

(4) Compressor

Commonly used air compressors