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Centrifugal Blower Working Principle
- May 11, 2018 -

Centrifugal blowers work in the same way as centrifugal fans, except that the air compression process is usually performed by several working impellers (or stages) under the influence of centrifugal force. The blower has a rotor rotating at a high speed. The blades on the rotor drive high-speed air movement. The centrifugal force makes the air flow in the involute-shaped casing and flows along the involute to the outlet of the fan. The high-speed airflow has a certain wind pressure. The new air enters the center of the housing and is replenished.

Single-stage high-speed centrifugal fan working principle is: the prime mover drives the impeller through the shaft to rotate at high speed, the air flow enters into the high-speed rotating impeller from the inlet axis and then becomes radial flow is accelerated, then enters the pressure-dividing chamber, changes the flow direction and decelerates, This deceleration converts the kinetic energy of the high-speed rotating airflow into pressure energy (potential energy), which keeps the fan outlet at a stable pressure.

Theoretically speaking, the pressure-flow characteristic curve of a centrifugal blower is a straight line. However, due to the loss of frictional resistance inside the fan, the actual pressure and flow characteristic curve decreases smoothly with increasing flow rate, and the power of the corresponding centrifugal fan - The flow curve rises with the flow rate. When the fan is running at a constant speed, the operating point of the fan will move along the pressure-flow characteristic curve. The operating point of the fan is not only determined by its own performance, but also depends on the characteristics of the system. When the resistance of the pipe network increases, the performance curve of the pipeline will become steeper. The basic principle of fan regulation is to change the performance curve of the fan itself or the characteristics of the external pipe network to obtain the required working conditions.