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Car Charger USB Interface
- Jun 13, 2018 -

The car charger can not only charge the mobile phone and the like through the car adapter, cigarette lighter, but also can charge the mobile phone and the like through the USB interface of the computer.

1.500 mA fast charging, 2 ways to charge the phone: Car 12V or 24V power supply, and computer USB interface.

This product supports mobile phones, and USB interface MP3 and MP4 charging, can be directly on-board charging, you can also use a computer to charge, this product is the maximum current of 500 mA, can quickly give the phone a full charge, the best choice for emergency.

(1) The mobile phone can use the adapter plug to charge from the USB interface of the computer;

(2) The mobile phone can be charged via USB car charger adapter (including cigarette lighter);

(3) It can charge any MP3\MP4 that supports USB charging.

2. Patent number design: colorful charging instructions, use ultra-convenient.

3.5 kinds of different mobile phone interfaces, suitable for a variety of mobile phone models including Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and support for USB charging mobile phones.

Technical Parameters:

Input: DC12V-24V (internal fuse 2A)

Output: 5-6V/DC 500mA (MAX)

Product Certification: CE, FCC Certification


1. Plug the USB power adapter into the cigarette lighter in the car with the indicator light on and then charge it.

2. Use a USB cable and adapter to charge the phone, MP3, or standard USB interface with an onboard USB power adapter.

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