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AV interface
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The AV interface, also known as (RCA), refers to the current car GPS devices, which are connected to the AV line to output their own data, audio and video to other displays and audiovisual equipment, such as an external monitor or earphone, through their own audio and video terminals. And so on, the interface are mainly AV composite terminal, S-VIDEO terminal, headphone jack and so on. It can be regarded as the improved interface of TV, appearance has very big difference. Divided into 3 lines, respectively: audio interface (red and white lines, composed of left and right channels) and video interface (yellow).

Since the AV output is still a video signal that mixes luminance and chrominance, it is still necessary for the display device to perform luminance and color separation, and decoding is required for imaging. This approach will inevitably cause loss of picture quality, so the AV interface's picture quality is still not satisfactory. The connection is very simple. Simply connect the AV cable of 3 colors to the interface of the 3 colors on the TV.

In general, the AV interface separates video and audio transmissions, thereby preventing audio and video from interfering with each other. However, due to the need to decode and display the brightness and chrominance on video transmission, video transmission is still lost.

The VGA interface uses an asymmetrical 15pin connection. Its working principle is to convert the image (frame) signals stored in digital format in the RAM memory to analog high-frequency signals in the RAMDAC, and then output to the projector for imaging. The signal at the input (inside the projector) does not have to be converted by the matrix decoding circuit like other video signals.