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Application of 3D Printing Service in Film and Television
- Apr 03, 2018 -

As a future manufacturing technology, 3D printing has been promoted in the medical, industrial, aerospace and other fields. As far as the film and television props industry is concerned, those complicated props in the past can now be quickly completed using only 3D printing. In the future, with the The growing maturity of 3D printing technology will create more possibilities for film and television production.

As an emerging manufacturing technology that subverts design, prototype development and manufacturing processes, 3D printing has created opportunities for transformation and upgrading in many industries. In terms of the movie and television props industry, film and television props with complex shapes and strong visual impact are now only used. 3D printing can be completed quickly. In the future, as the 3D printing technology becomes more mature, it will become the best choice for the film and television industry to achieve special effects on the lens and scene.